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I find I have been reading poetry of late…

…which, of course, most of those who know me fairly well find my patience for poetry to be… how shall I put this? Minimal.

Yes, minimal works quite well. I can appreciate it, I just rarely have time for it.

But Rudyard Kipling has, once more, drawn my attention.

Normally, for an author that old (thus whose books are well, well out of Copyright) I would direct any reader to Project Gutenberg but while they have many of his books, they appear to lack any significant collections of his poetry.

Thus, I am forced to provide a link to Kindle, however there are many options, ranging from astonishingly well priced (49p) into a price territory that makes me wonder if the publisher has actually looked at competing works.

Discworld: The Colour of Magic

The Colour of Magic CoverI recently had the opportunity, due to a lengthy flight, to re-read The Colour of Magic, the first of the Discworld novels.

I had forgotten how much fun it was.

Sure, it’s not as polished as some of the later works in the series, but the characters are still vibrant and alive, even if somewhat finding their feet.

The film version, with David Jason (who is probably one of my favourite actors of all time) and Sean Astin, is also well worth watching. Although I preferred Jason as Albert, Death’s manservant, rather than Rincewind.


A New Job

So, I’ve moved on to newer pastures.

I’m not involved directly with magnetic resonance any longer, although that will always be close to my (scientific) heart. Being back in a wet lab, albeit while still doing a lot of computing related work, is exciting.

This blog/site/whatever-you-want-to-call-it won’t focus on my job. I’ll post now and again regarding curiosities encountered, minor challenges overcome (particularly when in respect to a reticent bit of code) but almost anything that catches my attention may be fair game.

Books, music, computing, science… perhaps a bit of sight-seeing if I go somewhere particularly worth sharing with others than close friends or family… all are good.

But if you just come for one or two posts, that’s fine too.

Of course, the remit might expand as time passes, but on that front… we shall have to see.

In the mean time, take care all.