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Crypto-currency mining

I’m curious, because I’m a tech enthusiast. But I don’t have free power so it’s not a feasible proposition.

But this current craze is annoying me for another pair of reasons: lack of supply of GPUs and hiked prices.

I’m currently looking at building a small, powerful-but-portable system based around a Ryzen CPU. Because AMD cards don’t do CUDA, I’m stuck buying nVidia. That doesn’t bother me that much… but the 50% price hike I’ve seen the GTX 1070 undergo in the last fortnight is… vexing. In fact, I was so annoyed I was thinking about buying a 1060 instead… oh, wait, they’re all out of stock! So in desperation, I looked at 1080s… which is far more than I wanted to spend… they’re OoS as well.

1050’s aren’t, but they’re not even as powerful as my laptop. I have no pressing desire for a “downgrade”-upgrade.


Apocryphal or Not…

…we certainly appear to live in “interesting times”.

More’s the pity.

I can’t really say “I woke up to”, since I’m 8-hours ahead and watched the numbers roll in on the BBC (which while a little slower compared to some of the news sites – and on several occasions updated, only to revert a couple of minutes later, remains one of the best places for UK Election updates) but I don’t think this was the plan.

If I was a betting man – I’m not – I’d be thinking about putting some money down on exact when a leadership challenge is mounted. For now, I’ll say within the next two weeks.