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Music for Monday

I watched MASH (the film, not the TV series) over the weekend, and it reminded me of the TV show, and its haunting theme. There appears to be some debate over the lyrics and their meanings (which there always will be for all songs, I think) but I think they’re clear enough, even if I personally disagree.

However, perhaps having a Music post focussed on a song about suicide (whether going through with it or not) is not the best idea…

So instead we’ll have some bagpipe music!

I will always love a good set of Pipes & Drums. Some of my favourite memories as a child was going to see the Edinburgh Military Tattoo (although I’ve got less keen of late, as less and less of the Pipes & Drums are actually the focus…)

Bagpipes are, ultimately, a war instrument. They were designed to scare the living Hell out of the opponents while you were still a ways away… because a demoralised opponent won’t fight as hard. But bagpipes can break 122dB… that is about as loud as a jet engine at takeoff…

…they’re still amazing, though.

Music for Monday

So, here we are again.

Another week, another Music for Monday. And various other things that have happened as well. I promised myself that I would not discuss politics or current events on this blog, lest I find that it be all I comment on. Nevertheless, I find myself half-amazed at the willful blindness and stupidity of those who should know better, and half enraged at that same blindness and stupidity.

But that is all I shall say on the matter. There may yet be a time in the future where I find myself going back on my promise to myself, re: politics and current events, but that day is not today.

I discovered Disturbed more or less by accident not all that long ago. Then I realised that they (or, rather, David Draiman) wrote some of the music for a film my friends dragged me to years ago.

Music for Monday

And so, another Music for Monday.

Since I decided at the weekend to buy myself a new toy (read: musical instrument) so that I’ve actually got something to do when it’s either a) too hot, b) too rainy or c) too late in the evening I got a little distracted.

Also, I suck at instruments with frets. I need to recalibrate my brain for a fretted instrument, after having played the violin, then the viola, for a total of… yikes… 25 years!

But a guitar was the cheapest thing I could buy that I always wanted to play.

But it’s taken me back a bit… so to Led Zeppelin! And possibly their most cliche track…


Music for Monday

OK, so the last week has gone by a heck of a lot quicker than I expected.

As for the weekend… well, I know I didn’t sleep through it, because I went shopping. But where did it go? Somewhere, or rather, somewhen. In between fighting with a Raspberry Pi 3 that didn’t want to do what I told it. Perhaps more on that in the future…

But another Music for Monday…

Piano Opera: Final Fantasy IV-V-VI.  Specifically, Kefka’s Theme.

Originally from Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III in the US, back in the SNES days; now thankfully synchronised with the rest of the world) there have been various takes on this. But the piano solo version has some special charm I can’t quite put my finger on.