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UEFI & Linux

I’ll do a longer post on this another time, going into the details of how to persuade Windows 10 Pro and Ubuntu 16.04/Mint 18(.1) (or other distro of choice that supports SecureBoot) to play nicely together with SecureBoot enabled and third party drivers so CUDA can actually… y’know, work.

But for right now, a quick PSA (that’s Public Service Announcement, not psa as in the gene family…):

I’ve not had Ubuntu get it quite right yet with the USB stick I used to install it from; it wants to format the USB stick, which naturally enough doesn’t work.

For the purposes of this, I’m going to assume you want to run an SSD (solid state drive) as you main system drive with a larger spinning rust HDD for bulk data storage. I’ve done various setups over the years, but this one seems to work the best.

Partitioning must be set manually (I’ll fire up Virtualbox and take some screenshots to demonstrate later) to the following…

EFI System Partition (512MB) Beginning of SSD
Swap Partition (16GB) End of SSD
/ (that’s ‘root’ and holds everything else) the rest of the SSD
/data all the HDD

You also need to set the installation target of the GRUB bootloader to /dev/sda1 (or whatever partition the EFI System Partition is) (not the MBR!) or the system won’t boot with EFI/SecureBoot enabled.