Stopping Drupal from Summarising Everything (Badly)

{{This post is a bit of a blast from the past, being somewhat historical. Well, I can’t change the publication date like I could in Drupal (I won’t go into the reasons I quit using Drupal just now) so it gets bumped up to 2017…}}

I absolutely abhor the “summary” or “teaser” view that Drupal insists on imposing on you by default when you exceed a certain number of lines when making an Article. It’s the most annoying thing in the world. Especially when it gives you the option for forcing a break, but then completely ignores you and does its own thing anyway.

Regardless, there is a method of fixing it:

In the Administration Menu, head for Structure, then Content Types. Click ‘Manage Display’, then ‘Custom Display Settings’, and uncheck ‘Teaser’.

This must be done for each Content type.

It doesn’t, however, stop Drupal from giving you the incredibly stupid “Summary” of the post above the post when you hit “Preview”. But that is a minor irritation.

If anyone has found a way to do this for all Content types across the whole site in one go, that would be great.

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